Sandia Summit Blend


processing: varied

Like our staple house roast, Corrales Blend, this one was equally exciting to experiment with and roast! We think you’re gonna love it. We wanted to create an end cup that is balanced and nuanced; and a little lighter, brighter and fruitier than the typical blend. Depending on the season and harvest schedule, the exact ratios and origins do change throughout the year, but we strive to keep this blend consistent in overall taste and feel, and consistent deliciousness. Thanks for giving this one a go…we think you’re going to dig it!



  • How we roast the beans: medium
  • Region: thoughtfully selected beans from Africa and South America
  • Flavors in the cup: Balanced, juicy, and nuanced; this one has a lot of character! It’s unique and adventurous…like the Sandias themselves!