Organic, Fair trade

processing: washed

Mexican Chiapas coffee…one of the most drinkable and enjoyable beverages out there! We roast these beans to highlight and showcase the region, creating a coffee that is brimming with caramel, buttery cocoa, toffee and a delicious balance of fruit acidity and smoothness. This is our darkest roast, so if you love roasty flavors, and a coffee with a heavy-bodied mouthfeel, this one is for you!

These beans from the mountainous region of Chiapas bring consistent cup-quality, nuance and complexity. The collective of farmers tends their coffee plants at an average elevation of 1200- 1800 meters above sea level, and cultivates their crops with agro-ecological practices under the shade of native tree species.

Sierra Azul is a certified-organic and Fair Trade organization located in the buffer zone of the El Triunfo Biosphere in Chiapas, Mexico. The smallholder members are dedicated to environmental protection as well as producing high-quality coffees organically!

So, get you some bags while we have them, and enjoy a glorious cup that not only tastes amazing, but is helping to accomplish great things among our neighbors to the South! Now, get on out there and share your light!



  • How we roast the beans: dark
  • Region: Chiapas, Sierra Azul Cooperative up to 6200 feet elevation
  • Flavors in the cup: Velvety, sweet and clean, with slight citric acidity. Praline, cocoa, and hints of salted caramel on the front, are finished off with a delightful and subtle lemongrass fruit nuance!