processing: washed

The first time we tasted this Kichwa Tembo (meaning “elephant head” in Swahili) from Kenya, our eyes went wide and the words Big Fruit seemed to be the only acceptable descriptors! This particular lot from various smallholder farms, presents a classic, hardworking Kenya profile with citrus fruit like grapefruit, bright and tangy acidity, balanced sweetness, and the beautiful complexity expected from a Kenyan. In a nutshell, it’s unique, complex, bold and adventurous…just like you! This bag is a treat, and we can’t wait for you to try it.



  • How we roast the beans: light/medium
  • Region: Nyeri region at 5900-7500 feet elevation
  • Flavors in the cup: Rich, juicy, sweet with big fruit acidity and heavy/bold mouthfeel. Cherry flavors, as well as sugar cane sweetness and caramelized sugars.