Processing: Natural

Ahhh African coffee…you are amazing! Not only is this Ethiopian bean going to blow your mind with tastes and flavors you maybe haven’t experienced in a cup before, it’s always fun to drink a cup from the birthplace of coffee as we know and love it today!

This bean comes from the Arsosala washing station that was founded in 2015. This station currently serves about 1,200 smallholder producers in the Urga woreda of Guji.

According to the washing station manager, most of the coffee delivered to the factory is Bourbon: While Typica and Bourbon are two varieties better-known in Central and South America, the same terms are used colloquially in Ethiopia to describe certain coffee-berry-disease-resistant cultivars. The Ethiopian “Bourbon” and “Typica” varieties are typically genetically removed from the ones found elsewhere around the world.

Coffees are picked ripe and dried on raised beds. It typically takes 8–15 days to dry under sun and 15–20 days to dry when there are cloudy skies. This coffee is processed “dry” or “natural”. Meaning, the coffee cherries are dried with the hulls still intact, before washing them off and spreading the beans out to dry completely. The result? A more “fermented” coffee cherry with low acidity, fuller body, and lots of sweetness!

So go ahead and grab a bag, call a friend, and enjoy with good conversation, a scone, or a heaping plate of bacon and eggs.



  • How we roast the beans: light/medium
  • Region: Arasola Village, Uraga Guji at 5900 feet elevation
  • Flavors in the cup: Sweet, crisp, and complex, with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Subtle raspberry, sweet nectarine and stone fruit, floral rosewater notes, and a hint of nuttiness on the finish.

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Weight 12 oz