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We love rich, chocolate-sweet, caramely Colombian coffee like we love…well, anything with caramel and cocoa! Colombian coffee is among the most recognizable and most dynamic in the world, with multiple growing regions whose distinct profiles reflect the various microclimates that exist in this large country. We love to source coffees from multiple growing regions in Colombia, like this Tolima, as we are always looking for a cup that contains a nice balance of sweetness, fruity effervescence, and a foundation of cocoa and/or toffee. This year, the profiles produced from these areas of Tolima are some of the best in the world. This lot represents a mix of fantastic coffees!!

Tolima is the third largest coffee producing region of Colombia and accounts for 12% of the country’s annual production. Located in west-central Colombia, this region is fully inscribed by the Andean mountains and the Magdalena river basin, making it rather remote and challenging to access. Until recently, much of the coffee growing area had been considered dangerous because of the Colombian FARC’s presence. Today, Tolima has seen a drastic decline in FARC presence, allowing for increased accessibility to these nutty, tangy, fruity, and creamy-bodied coffees.

These coffees tend to be perfect “breakfast blend” types, versatile and interesting without being too challenging to the palate. We are excited about this one, and we think you will be too!




  • How we roast the beans: medium
  • Region: Tolima region up to 6230 feet elevation
  • Flavors in the cup: Juicy, rich, and chocolate-sweet, with smooth mouthfeel. Plenty of sugary toffee and almonds, with hints of cooked fruit flavors!

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Weight 12 oz