About Us

We exist for you!

It’s no secret that a better day is built with a better cup of coffee. And when you build a better day, you give the world the best version of yourself!

Our approach is simple: we thoughtfully select high-quality, raw coffee beans from around the world that are bursting with delicious flavors and great stories. Then we roast those beans in small batches at our Corrales coffee “lab” to bring out and highlight those flavors, making a coffee so good it will actually transform you into a better person…well, maybe not…or maybe so!

Drink Candlestick. Share your light.

Share your light

Candlestick gets you going, so you can share your light! We believe that you are capable of enormous positive impact, especially as you go about your daily routines. You are poised to do amazing things in this world, making it a little brighter every day. Candlestick Coffee exists for you – so you can keep doing life and doing it well…just with a better cup of coffee in your hand!

Why "Candlestick"?

A candlestick is a symbol of hospitality. It’s warm and inviting. It shares light. And at Candlestick Coffee Roasters, we stand for kindness, compassion, love, gratitude, and of course, delicious coffee. But we know that you are the ones who impact your communities day in and day out. And we know that you believe kindness matters. When you buy Candlestick, you are not only buying the best coffee you can imagine, you are buying into the idea of a better humanity, and you are joining a crew of people who want to share the light.

Hashtag it

How are you experiencing and seeing compassion? Where have you discovered beauty? Have you shared your light lately? Show us on Insta!



Do you daydream about doing good in your community? Do you have an idea that could shed some light in a dark corner, or build up a person, or an entire neighborhood!? Then call and talk to Courtney…trust us, she wants to help you get it done! (303) 588-6334.